Eryn working on a fence mural

My name is Eryn, born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I earned my degree in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. My passion from a very young age has always been sewing; I have spent many years perfecting my skills in garment design and construction. I started my brand Rooted Soul Creations in 2015 to be a creative outlet through which I could explore my inspirations. Under the Rooted Soul name I specialize in intricate Zentangle- and mandala-styled creations.

All my pieces are handmade with love and positive energy! When I start a new creation I put my whole heart and soul into it down to the very last detail. Drawing each piece by hand allows me the chance to connect with the artwork and personalize each detail. The mediums in which I work are tuned to this focus. Zentangle is a method of art in which you create an intricate, repetitive pattern, evoking a state of relaxed focus and mindfulness. The mandala design is a unique geometric figure from Hindu and Buddhist cultures that symbolizes the universe, and is used as an aid in meditation; they are expressions of one's search for self-unity and completeness. Both of these styles of art hold not only deep symbolism but also spiritual meaning for the creator and the viewer. I sincerely hope that my art will fill people with a sense of joy and peacefulness as they have for me!